Sestri levante

Navigazione: 45 m.

The city of the two seas, whose historic city center overlooks the "Baia delle Favole" and the most romantic and fascinating "Baia del Silenzio".

Sestri Levante is historically founded on an islet that over the years has rejoined the mainland through a thin isthmus: due to its unique position, Sestri Levante can be admired from the sea almost from all sides, making our boat tour to Sestri Levante one of the most fascinating routes among all those we offer.

Today, in fact, the delightful historic center of Sestri stands right on this strip of land, embraced on three sides by the sea with the "Baia della Favole" on one side, and the "Baia del Silenzio" on the other.

Together with Paraggi, Sestri Levante can vaunt the only very fine sandy beaches of in the entire Gulf of Tigullio, not to mention the whole east coast of Liguria, from Genoa to La Spezia.

Should you wish to continue the boat tour in Sestri Levante on land, mooring is allowed only in the Baia delle Favole, where its harbour is housed in a protected and sheltered position from the weather of the sea. To visit the Baia del Silenzio by boat, on the other hand, you need to ask for a specific permit; if it is guaranteed, our boat will be allowed to stop at the buoys of the dealers that may be made available, as dropping the anchor anywhere in the Baia delle Favole is strictly forbidden.

Thus, should you wish to continue your excursion to Sestri on land, anchoring to Baia delle Favole is mandatory.